How to Invest Your Equity Release in Retirement Investments

A number of events over these last few years have seriously impacted the way in which we all plan for our futures. For people who are approaching retirement age, they might just realise that their pensions are not quite enough to keep them going. The cost of living is always climbing, and other complications tend […]

How Retired Couples Can Benefit From a Holiday Home

Once retired, many people take more frequent holidays, travelling abroad to far off places they dreamed of visiting during their careers. In some cases re-visiting relatives and friends they have not seen in decades. Tourism being such a massive industry across the globe it is no wonder the cost of holidays is forever rising, especially […]

How Your Inheritance Is Affected by a Home Reversion Plan

Home reversion plans have become one of the most realistic ways of supplementing your pension. Many homeowners today choose this financial option in order to maintain a certain lifestyle even when their retirement funds are lower than initially expected. That said, just like any financial decision in life, it is essential for homeowners to gain […]

Is Equity Release Really Helpful If You’re Already Retired?

Just like everything in life, when you retire, things might not be quite as clear and perfect as you imagined. Your most thought out plans could easily prove flawed as time goes by. Finances are the trickiest thing of all to plan in advance and, no matter how much you save, unexpected expenses have a […]

More Than Money: Focus on Your Legacy With an Ethical Will

When most people sit down to write a will, they typically focus on how their material goods will be distributed after their death. While those instructions will provide an invaluable roadmap for those who will inherit, they stop short of addressing something you should be concerned about: your legacy. You may find it surprising that […]

An Overview of the Top Traded Currency Pairs

Forex trading is all about buying and selling currency pairs to profit from exchange rate fluctuations. Currency pairs are also called securities. Unlike equities and commodities, currencies are paired in a sell-buy or a buy-sell pattern. Which pair(s) to trade is a big question to answer. There is no central source of information to figure […]